Hello Dear Readers! My name is Lubomir Mitev, Lubo for short. I am currently working as a journalist at NucNet, the nuclear communications network, in Brussels. I have successfully completed an advanced master in European Politics and Policies in 2012 at the KULeuven. I also obtained a BA in Philosophy in the same university in 2009, followed by a MA in European Studies in 2010.

Lubo Mitev in Granada, Spain

Since I made the change from philosophy to European Studies, I found out that I have a great urge to write. This made me become a freelance journalist. I mainly write analytical articles on European Union policy, concentrating on environment and energy issues. In my current program of study, I concentrate on educational policy and educational techniques, or simply put: how to reach people who have no idea what you’re talking about.

Being from Bulgaria and living in Belgium for five years (and counting) allows me to give the Western perspective on the East and also to provide information from the East to the people in the West. The division is larger than most people might imagine, and so I made it my goal to do what I can to close the gap.

In this blog, you will find my latest thoughts and working papers. I will also post links to any published material. If, at some point, you meet a deeply philosophical analysis of life, then that is probably the metaphysician in me writing, since I like to develop metaphysical and ethical issues in my spare time.

Thank you for reading this and everything else I write!