Bulgarian Delegation “Missing” at CoP 16

Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Benin: most Bulgarians hear these names for the first time. In fact, these are countries in the world. Most Bulgarians would probably not be able to point them out on a map. Yet, all of them made high-level statements, held press-conferences and held negotiations at the CoP 16 in Mexico. The Bulgarian delegation did not.

Nona Karadjova, Minister for Environment and Water, was nowhere to be found at the high-level conference in Cancun. To be fair, her Greek counterpart, Tina Birbili, was not present either. Yet, the Romanian Minister for Environment, László Borbely, was not only there, but also held strong opinions on several of the topics being discussed.

It is difficult to imagine a forum where members of the European Union do not send high-level officials to defend their national positions, despite the existence of ‘common positions’ within the Union. Bulgaria and Greece might not be ‘big’ political players, but neither are Vanuatu and Benin (or Cape Verde for that matter). And, even if one does not get the opportunity to speak to the Presidents of these states, 2celsius managed to have an interview with Mr. Borbely. At the same time, all attempts made to contact the Bulgarian delegation were met with bitter disappointment.

Perhaps it was the sunny beaches of Cancun, or the idea that Europe should speak with one voice, or the famous Mexican cuisine, which made the Bulgarian delegation shroud themselves in mystery. The lack of Bulgarian media covering the conference, or even publishing a single story about it (which could be borrowed from AP, the most active media organization at the CoP 16), is a simple fact of life.

From all this, one can infer and state the following: Bulgaria does not care about the environment or whether negotiations succeed or fail. Seemingly, it is the EU who makes Bulgaria act on the subject, or in other words, “I don’t really care, but my boss told me to do it”.

As one Bulgarian journalist in Cancun, it brings me great pleasure to leave the conclusions to you!


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